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Three ways to support your feet everyday

If you’re feeling the pain, then you need to look deeper at what might be causing it. Are your shoes not fitting correctly? Are you spending too much time on your feet? Is running and training for the marathon causing your feet some grief? Are you not addressing underlying pain?

Like the rest of your body, your feet are complex creatures and are made up of many parts. They all work together, under the pressure of your daily activities and body weight, to keep you moving. Pain and discomfort can come from any part of the foot – the bones, the joints, muscles, tendons, the tissues or the nerves. So if there’s tension between the parts or one part of your feet is feeling more pressure than the others, you’ll see the whole thing fall apart.

Supporting your feet is essential to leading a good life. For starters, choosing the right shoes for the right activity, making sure you’re not overusing your feet and knowing how to avoid pain (or, making sure you address the pain when it happens) will set you up for success.

Support your feet with the right shoes

Nobody is asking you to avoid ballet flats and high heels forever, but spending most of your time in shoes which put pressure on your feet is a bad idea. Rather, look for a shoe that has:

  • A space for your toes, allowing your foot to spread as it lands with each step
  • Either no heel or a small lift
  • A strap or something that keeps your foot in place at the ankle
  • A cushioned botto, providing support as you step

How to support your feet if you spend your day on your feet

If you work a job that requires you to spend 8+ hours on your feet, you know you’re in for sore feet at the end of the day. Working on your feet all day can do a real number on your legs, back and, well, feet! It’s very likely that you’ll experience foot pain, so wearing the right pair of shoes and making sure you’re caring for your feet is going to be a priority.

Your work shoes need to:

  • Be closed and be strapped onto your foot. No slipping off with loose footwear (look for an insole if you find yourself with shoes that don’t fit 100%)
  • A sole that has a good grip, especially if you’re working in areas like kitchens or hospitality
  • Have decent ankle support with a wide heel, proving relief and less pressure on the heel
  • Soft cushioning for comfort, especially for a long period of wear as it helps with stability and prevents foot fatigue

If you notice pain and soreness, especially if it gets worse, you need to speak to a doctor. Conditions common to spending long periods of time on your feet are bone spurs of plantar fasciitis. Wearing podiatrist-designed or approved shoes, especially those with an orthotic footbed, can help combat plantar fasciitis by supporting your arches and heel.

After work? Step out of those shoes and into another pair that supports your feet and your recovery. Did you know that rotating your shoes can reduce the overuse of the same group of muscle and joints?

Avoiding foot pain and injuries is key to supporting your feet

Stretching is a godsend for preventing foot pain and injuries! Strengthen your feet with specific exercises: perform calf and leg stretches as they strengthen your lower limbs, and heel raises. Beyond this, you can also do exercise that help build muscle and flexibility, like yoga and swimming, keeping it light with the feet.

Wearing the right shoes during summer

Those cheap summer shoes can do more damage than good – doesn’t matter how cute they are!

The typical pair of thongs provide no support and can also cause hammertoe (look it up, it ain’t pretty) because the toes can’t hold the foot properly in the shoe. Without the support your feet need, you’re looking at pain, eventually leading to problems like plantar fasciitis and Archilles tendinitis.

But foot pain shouldn’t cramp style, so look for footwear that does both support and style. The ReGen Slide and Thong both have footbed that absorbs shock and does more for your arch support. The Lightfeet ReGen range has been designed to be worn after exercise of heavy usage, giving your feet a rest and regenerating your muscles.

The ReGen Thong doesn’t compromise on comfort. You get can the same support in a thong. And like other thongs, the ReGen Thong provides arch support with its recovery foam moulding to the shape of your foot.

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