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Get your feet ready for running this summer

We’re going from spring to summer, and so is our wardrobe! We go from turtlenecks to singlets, boots to thongs and sandals as we’re getting warmer. During the Aussie summer, we feel the heat and so do our feet.

But wearing thongs without the right support can be terrible for your feet – especially if you’re a runner. Flip-flops or thongs have traditionally provided zero support for your feet – no structure, they don’t mould to the shape of your foot, and there’s nothing for your feet to grip onto. Feet are your body’s hardest working shock absorption tool: if your feet are working extra hard to keep up with the stress, then your muscles and ligaments get the blunt of it.

That doesn’t mean you avoid them at all though – you sometimes need them! Your feet might swell up in the heat, or just after a long run, and chucking on a pair of sandal lets you feel at ease. We just need to be sensible about our footwear and think carefully about what we’re putting on our feet.

So say bye-bye to blisters, callouses and sticky skin: here are the top six ways you can get and keep your feet ready for the summer season.

Get to know your feet

Are you prone to tender ankles? Do your feet get stinky in summer? Knowing your foot type and being able to dress appropriately is key to looking after your feet during summer. If you have a high or flat arch, you’re more likely to get overuse injuries in areas like the Achilles, heel or forefoot by wearing unsupportive footwear. Likewise, if you’ve got a narrow heel, look out for contoured footbed with arch support.

Wear the right socks (if you’re wearing socks)

Wearing the right running socks is critical to your comfort and endurance when running in summer.

Even if you’re not a runner, you’ll know how important it is to find a pair of socks that don’t stick to you like hot glue. That feeling of peeling your socks off (while oddly satisfying) indicates that your feet are getting sweaty and gross in the wrong pair of socks.

Find socks that allow for breathability: that way, your feet will stay cool even during your runs this summer. You’ll want to take a look at the materials you’re wearing on your feet: merino wool is a good option, so breathable that it can be worn during summer and the rest of the season. It can keep moisture at bay, meaning avoiding blisters and unpleasant smells that come from sweaty feet.

Otherwise, look for lightweight, water-resistant materials like acrylic, cotton or nylon. Better yet, take a look at Lightfeet’s range of socks made from Bamboo ,Coolmax® and X-Static® yarn, designed to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh – especially during running.

Keep your feet cool and dry

Keeping your feet cool and dry during the heat is the best way to keep them healthy. Moisture, sweat and damp conditions in your feet can breed germs, bacteria and fungus.

Prevent blisters and callouses during summer

We’ve touched on this if you’re a sock-wearer, but if you skipped that paragraph, no sweat. But actually, sweat and moisture are the leading factors behind getting blisters and callouses. The heat from inside shoes causes sweat, which can soften the skin on your feet. After the skin dries out, your skin becomes prone to blistering.

Wearing shoes that don’t fit will result in you getting blisters. If you’re spending a lot of time outside in sandals, you need to make sure that your sandals fit properly and that you’re not having to break them in or walking long distance in them.

Don’t wear thongs all day, all night

Even the best of thongs can cause issues if you’re spending more and more time in them. They might be fun and comfy, but they can affect your posture, cause pain in feet, back and hips. Your need to switch out your footwear. Swap them out for an open sandal – you need a moulded footbed that gives your feet arch support.

Avoid poorly made sandals and thongs

Don’t wear the $10 thong you can pick up from any old department store. Put the same amount of research and thought into casual footwear as you do into your choice of running shoe. The right shoe needs to:

  • have a supportive footbed, so you don’t feel ache after spending long time in them
  • have good arch support, so your feet don’t feel the pressure of carrying your body weight
  • have a decent airflow, so your feet breathe and stay hydrated during the heat
  • fit properly, so you can stay moving and on your feet.

Try the ReGEN Sandals and Thongs:

Look for sandals with a footbed that absorbs shock and does more for your arch support. The Lightfeet ReGen Sandal has been designed to be worn after exercise to assist with the fatigue you feel after running. Meant to regenerate your muscles after activity, the ReGen Sandal can assist with absorbing shock after every step, providing arch support with its recovery foam moulding to the shape of your foot.

Wearing podiatrist designed sandals, especially those with an orthotic footbed, can help combat plantar fasciitis by supporting your arches and heel. If you’re more of a thongs person, the ReGen Thong doesn’t compromise on comfort. Get the same support in a thong, from looking after your arches to keeping your balance with the contoured footbed.

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