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Putting feet first

Lightfeet has always stayed ahead of the curve with innovative, technically designed and manufactured sports products for your feet.

Lightfeet was founded in 2001 by two highly qualified Australian sports podiatrists, Graeme Simpson and Dan Thomas. Just out of uni, and working as podiatrists at the time, Graeme and Dan realised that four in five of their patients shared similar foot problems, yet there was a huge gap in the market for insoles that were custom-made and affordable.

Pairing clinical experience with extensive research, the Lightfeet range of footwear products and accessories was born. Over the years, Lightfeet has continued to work on and provide a range of leading high-quality and supportive insoles, socks and footwear that help prevent injury and keep people happy and pain free. All Lightfeet products are clinically-researched and designed with expertise and precision.

From its humble, grass-roots beginnings (actually based out of a garage), Lightfeet has grown to become a globally-recognised brand, making supportive footwear accessible to everyone.

Although we are an international brand, we like to foster and harness the community feel. We’ll always go the extra step to support our customers and to prevent and reduce foot aches and pains.

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